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Who else is feelin foxy?! Tag someone who would love this! Custom fox with lace by Sean Ambrose, part of an awesome half-sleeve; stay tuned for more! For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking! 🦊😍


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Humuhumunukunukuapuaa reef piece by Sean Ambrose (and yes, we want videos of you trying to say that three times fast in the comments)! Tag someone who would love this tattoo, or loves Hawaii; this is Hawaiis state fish so we want to hear your best Hawaii stories/memories in the comments below! For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking! 😎🌴


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See you soon to add to this masterpiece!!

Not even going to attempt it... however the tattoo is stunning❀

That’s amazing! I used to live there when I was a little girl. Some of my family is still there. One day I’ll get to go back! Such a beautiful place

I can't even say it once

It looks just as amazing in person! 😊


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Some floral beauties by Jay to brighten up your day! To set up a consult, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking!


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Still love it! I get too many compliments on it already

flowers are so perfect and hard to replicate cuz they so magic!!..great job on making weird beyond magic things on human canvas..that y i like u man!!!

I really need to take a trip to get one.

I want foggy morning NH meadows around mine!! start dreamin it up man!! lol

Amazing. Melanie Green Newton, show Cody this amazing work!

Stunning as always❀



Wow! Stunning!


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Cant go wrong with a sunflower!!! By Sean Ambrose. For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067! Thanks for looking!


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That is beautiful!

Beautiful as always


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost! Check out this awesome train piece by Sean; he took home a trophy for this at the LFOD convention! Thanks for looking! :)


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Dennis Antaya

4 months ago

Arrows & Embers Tattoo

Foo dog magic by Sean Ambrose! For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067... Thanks for looking! ... See MoreSee Less

Foo dog magic by Sean Ambrose! For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067... Thanks for looking!


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Seriously one of my favorite pieces!

Daaammmmnn!!! Nice!!

Matt Hull

Thank you so much to all of our incredible clients. Pictured here are two trophy winners from last weekends convention---thank you Barry and Fido for coming out to show support, along with all of our other awesome clients who made the trip to support our shop! We are so proud, and so grateful to have clients like you!


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Take a peek at this whimsical custom tattoo by Sean Ambrose! For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking!

Alright--whats everyone doing for the 4th of July?!
How about a little blue rose action with some blood drops?! Custom work by Sean Ambrose. For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking!

Weve asked before, but tell us again... What is your FAVORITE color rose, and why??


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Purple because it's the color of royality and passion. πŸ˜‰

Beautiful, might have to copy this for my next 😜

Wild blue yonder...a blue tinted magenta.

Garrett Sherman

My Armenian rose

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6 months ago

Arrows & Embers Tattoo

It's that time again...

Sean has an opening available during the Manchester Tattoo Expo for Sunday, July 23rd! If you would like to get tattooed at the convention, comment below and let us know what you're looking to get! Or, if you just want some new ink and don't mind Sean coming up with a concept, definitely let us know! *He will be picky for this, so please be as thorough as you can when describing your idea(s).* We are looking for tattoos that can be completed in one sitting-not ongoing projects. We will make final decisions closer to the date of the convention; until then, comment below with any ideas and tag your friends who might be interested! Have a great weekend! ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you SO MUCH for all the interest, we loved hearing all of these ideas! Sean has chosen his project for the open expo date, but stay tuned to our FaceBook as this is where we will post upcoming news, other convention dates, appointment openings and all that good stuff. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! We love doing what we do, and we get to do it because of people like you-so thank you!!! If you happen to be at the convention, please feel free to swing by our booth and say hi!

Hey do you have any openings tomorrow?

How long is the time slot?

This is my grandfather's tank he loaded back when he was in the war. I've been wanting this done for a long time but been waiting for the right artist to do so. He called this tank little Jesus I would like to incorporate that I the tattoo. Thought maybe this could be of interest for Sean. Thanks πŸ™‚

Sean-O....greetings from the local lab of N. Tesla! I am all in for whatever you have in mind for color explosion! Keep me in mind as the Day approaches to decide the lucky duck that gets the slot!

Peace my brother!

So I commented on this post on saturday, but I can't find my comment now. Anyway, the expo is the day before my birthday and I'd love to get myself an awesome new tattoo for a bday present. I'm looking for something to cap my right shoulder bridging the gap between an aspen leaf that I have on the front and a moth i have on the back already. Would love an artist designed peice, something sexy and delicate but also dark and bold. I love skulls, music, fantasy, nature, smoke, vikings, listen to melodic death metal. Thinking something that reaches out with soft tendrils around it...honestly I just want an awesome artist created peice

I would love to do an Air concept with perhaps a hawk and lots of symbolism. I would be totally open to Sean's concept and ideas. I would like it on my forearm to eventually tie into my trombone piece. AH being chosen or not it's fun to daydream about Sean's artwork πŸ™‚

I am looking for 4 horses running across the beach in a water Color sunset, kind of like the picture. Was thinking around my upper leg. Each horse would be/contain the 4 elements water, fire, earth and wind. Not sure how long that would take.

I would like a realistic crow, maybe with some Native American elements, or nature type things, branches or animal skull. I don't have anything in particular pictured in my mind, but def needs a realistic crow.

I want a cedar waxwing with apple blossoms on my left shoulder/upper arm, a western bluebird with citrus or guava blossoms on my right shoulder and the northern lights with tree branches to join the two birds across my upper back. I have submitted pictures on file and would love the opportunity to meet with Sean and brainstorm a beautiful piece!

Hey, Sean. I'm down for more Sci-Fi ink, you did such a killer job with my half sleeve, and am willing to trust your vision. I have a full left arm and left leg I'm willing to let you ink up however you see fit.

I am open to work with Sean on a design that would work for both of us. I want Sean to show his talents, so we could fill areas around this one from him, and come up with something to showcase.

Hey! Very interested but need to know what your looking to do for pricing?

I'm available that day if he wants to get weird!! Haha. Maybe see you guys there! 🍻

I want a pretty girl ripping her heart out with souls or something around her πŸ–€

This as a cover...(for a Tattoo I got when 18)
It's on my bucket list...
I just turned 40!!!

I'm open to some of Sean's idea. I like the style of his tattoo's,
Nature, space or something Motorsports related

I am a breast cancer survivor and looking for something to cover my scar left by having a port in ! Scar is about 2 inches long .

Hi Sean, looking to incorporate a phoenix/ symbol of the scorpio piece. Full artistic interpretation and your own spin.

I want new ink! I want a piece that has beach, lighthouse and an anchor...

Awesome!! I want to put my daughters artwork on my forearm πŸ™‚

I'm game for pretty much anything. A sugar skull would be awesome though but I'm open to suggestions.

Brass knuckles w/ the name Bouley. The L as a cancer ribbon. I love the chrome you did on Ben's arm.

I want a little pinecone on my wrist πŸ™‚ something small and in black and white, like all my ink from Arrows and Embers

Would love an extremely colorful and detailed mandala/flower on my shoulder.

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What a sunny day... Heres a sunflower and mountain scene tattoo to please your ocular orbs. ;) Custom work by Jason Dasaro. For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking!

Random question - What is your favorite time of day? Evening? Sunrise? Let us know in the comments below!


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Wow!! Another amazing tat. Shading lines color. The sunflower pedals are absolutely perfect. Where have you moved to?

Favorite is 4-5 am when its blue and slightly light before the sunrise..also I always loved 10am its always nice and sunny at 10 plus all the busy ppl are working so its quiet at all the cool places....

Evening, just before the sun sets completely...where everything seems peaceful and you begin to feel as though your day is finally coming to a close....

Definitely sunrise. The peace and quiet bringing with it the promise of a new day.

Sunrise or sunset is my favorite time of day... Can't beat that light!

When the normies are sleepin

Sunrise or sunset 😍😍😍

Love this

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Wolf woman spirit animal tattoo by Sean Ambrose... More to come for this piece so stay tuned! For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking!

What is YOUR spirit animal?! Let us know why in the comments below!


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This is beautiful!

Absolutely stunning. Sean Ambrose your talent should be criminal!! ❀️

Wow bud! Killed it on this one


Farrah Marie Moore

A giant panda. Because I'm uncoordinated and hungry all the time. πŸ˜‚πŸΌ

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Check out the finished shot of this badass sleeve!! (Video to follow.) All custom work by Sean Ambrose. For information, please call (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking!

Would you ever get a SPIDER tattoo?! Tag someone who would either love this or hate this! ;)


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So uh... Cathie Mowry You'd get a spider tattoo, right? 😜

Ashley Martel is all about this...

How about a little Gears of War for your Thursday afternoon? This sweet piece was done by Jason Dasaro! To set up your consultation with Jason, please call (603) 988-6067 or stop by the shop in person. Thanks for looking!

Where are our gamers at?? Tag someone who loves Gears of War AND/OR tell us what your favorite video game is! (I cant be the only one who still enjoys a little Zombies Ate My Neighbors once in a while!)


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Zombies Ate My Neighbors was one of my favs!!! How about Lollipop Chainsaw?? AWESOME!

Michael Reynolds Chad Earle

Dauvin Deimos Henderson

At Arrows  & Embers, April showers really DO bring May flowers! Check out this beautiful rose by Jason Dasaro! For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067 or stop by the shop to schedule your consultation in person! Thanks for looking!

Whats YOUR favorite color rose? Let us know in the comments below!


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Thank you so much Jason! I couldn't be happier!! I will be back to see you soon πŸ™‚

Amazing lines , color and a touch of shading. The depth πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». So much better than just a rose.

Blue...favorite color and birth stone

Red. And that is amazing.

Awesome tattoo.

Purple is my favorite color.

Red ❀

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Who is excited for Friday, and where are you going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?! Someone tell us the best taco/nacho/fiesta hook up---Go!

Gorgeous custom (in progress) Dama de los muertos tattoo by Sean Ambrose. For inquiries, please call (603) 988-6067 or visit our website. Thanks for looking!


Comment on Facebook

Taco Beyondo by far the best tacos I've ever had.

Las olas they have a couple locations

The country spirit in Henniker has the best pulled pork nachos!

My vote goes to Hermanos or Dos for sure... I've heard great things about Taco Beyondo in Hillsboro, though... πŸ€”

*EDIT: Thanks to everyone that called, messaged, emailed, and came by the shop! We filled Jasons afternoon up in no time, thank you everyone! Make sure youve got this page listed as SEE FIRST for notifications to stay updated on last minute openings in the future!

Good morning everybody! Who wants to get tattooed this afternoon? Jason has an opening for this afternoon! Message us/call us/tell your friends! Get at us and let us know what you want to get tattooed today! Share and tag your friends! :D (603) 988-6067


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Y'all are the best !!! .. just saying!!

Good to hear !!!

For those that missed our newsletter last week... Its that time again!The polls are open to vote for the best local restaurants, shops, and people! Give your state favorites the recognition they deserve. Thank you to everyone who voted for Arrows And Embers last year and helped us win β€˜Best Tattoo Shop’ in the entire state! You can cast your vote here:


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*Please keep in mind you must fill in 15 categories for your ballot to count (theres over 100 categories, so it will be easier than you think)!*

Custom galactic eye tattoo by Sean Ambrose. To fill out an application to sit with Sean, please follow the link here: Jason is currently booking consultations for mid-April and on; shoot us a message or give us a call to set something up! Thanks for looking!
Super fun custom crystal-sunflower-mandala tattoo by Sean Ambrose! Currently accepting applications for Sean on our website here: For additional availability, please call the shop at (603) 988-6067. Thanks for looking!


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As always love it! I'm planning another...sooner than later❀️

I want a sleeve!

Hell yeah this is awesome πŸ‘πŸ» (~);}


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