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“I found Arrows & Embers after doing an exhaustive search for someone new to do my second sleeve. I live in MA so I started by looking for artists that had been to multiple tattoo conventions in New England. Sean was on my short list of artists to meet having seen his name pop up in Boston and New Hampshire (where he placed first in men’s and women’s categories multiple times). I met with multiple people because it’s important to me that the artist not only has technical skill but is a good person. Sean’s portfolio speaks for itself, but he is by far the nicest, most down to earth, artistically sound professional I have ever met. We met for a consultation and planned out something that I was really excited about. Multiple sessions later, I’ve ended up with a piece beyond what I hoped for. It is beautiful, detailed, vibrant, and looks like I have an oil painting draped around my arm.
I definitely look forward to collaborating with Sean again. Do yourself a favor and check him out. You’ll probably have to wait a while before your first actual inking because his reputation has grown and the referrals keep coming in, but he’s worth the wait. Would you rather have your permanent, life long piece done by someone with tons of availability, or a line of fans waiting out the door?”

Dennis Lonigro


“I have had Sean do all my tattoos, including a cover-up of something done years ago.   Not only does he have a professional and clean shop, he is a pleasure to work with.  He has always made me feel comfortable when tattooing me.  His work has literally stopped people in their tracks, admiring my tattoos.  I proudly tell people that Sean Ambrose of Arrows and Embers has done all of my work and would never go anywhere else because of his dedication to making the customer feel  like they are coming home in his shop.  No flash on his walls in his shop, where you and another dozen people might have the same tattoo.  I know that my tattoos are one of a kind because all of his work is custom.  Sean has made me proud to display my body-because it’s beautiful-thanks to Sean!”

Jennifer Hollis


“I have had many years of searching for a tattoo artist that had everything i was looking for. no longer do i need to look! Sean Ambrose is amazingly talented and brings forth such an amazing experience when you are TATTOOED by him. i will not be tattooed by anyone else besides Sean. some of his most amazing work is when you let him use his artistic ABILITIES to the full extent by free handing his design on you. I highly recommend Sean Ambrose to anyone and everyone I know.”

~ Tanya Hershey


When you get tattooed by Sean Ambrose you get way more than a tattoo, you get a life changing experience. Sean puts so much of himself into his work and it is very clear he loves what he does! He is an amazing artist and person! You wont get your everyday walk in off the street pick a picture off the wall tattoo at Arrows and Embers, you will get an original piece of art made with passion and elegant artistry. Working with Sean on my back piece has been a spiritual life changing experience for me and he is the only person who will ever tattoo me! Sean Ambrose and Arrows and Embers Tattoo–miles above the rest–In a category all their own!!! I cannot say enough!

~ Shaina Curtin


“I have 3 tattoos, and my first 2 are by a female artist, and my third is from Sean. My tattoos all have meaning, and Sean tattoos with that meaning in mind. He is brilliant, kind, caring and considerate of your wants and needs. 
Sean takes his time, talks to you during your session, makes sure you are doing okay and feeling okay. Sean Ambrose is a one of a kind, genuine tattoo artist! I will never go anywhere else, and I can’t wait for Sean to tattoo me again. His shop is clean and well kept. His staff is so kind, and they answer your questions to the point, and get back to you in a short amount of time.
I highly recommend Sean to my friends, and strangers. You won’t get this kind of work anywhere else!  Sean Ambrose, 5 stars, brilliant, brilliant artist!!
Thank you for a remarkable tattoo experience. Hope to be back soon!”

~Heather Greene


“When I met Sean, I had two tattoos; both by an artist I had thought was pretty good at the time.  One of the pieces I had done at said artist’s shop was a small text piece.  He assured me that if we did the tattoo’s text the size I wanted, it would be too small and illegible (I had the text printed on paper the same size and I assure you; it was perfectly legible), so he had to make it bigger and bolder than I originally wanted.  I continued to go to this artist and get the same feedback: “it needs to be bigger and bolder,” until a friend introduced me to Sean Ambrose’s work.  Now, I have studied art for years, have taken illustration classes and painting classes my entire life and consider myself to be mildly talented.  Believe me when I say Sean’s work blew me away.  I went into the consultation meeting wanting just an estimate for another small text tattoo.  When I left the consultation meeting, I came out with not only the information I wanted, but also with an assurance that time would be taken with my tattoo, that the artist’s attention would be 100% devoted to the ink on my skin, and that it was going to be exactly what I wanted.  My appointment was the same afternoon, and we chatted the entire time.  I’ve always been curious about tattoo equipment, so I asked if I could watch him set up, if I could touch anything and if so, what was safe for me to touch and what wasn’t.  Sean is extremely friendly, very sanitary, cautious, and knowledgeable.  He works meticulously, confidently, and is detail oriented.  While we were preparing for the small text on my back, he laid the trace down NINE TIMES (yes, I counted), and only after triple-checking with a tape measure, assured me it was straight, even, and centered.  Wow! By the time I left the shop that afternoon, I had decided to get another tattoo!  I walked out of Arrows and Embers Tattoo with two brand new complete pieces, and a new friend.  Not because he was able to emulate exactly what I had asked for, but because he’s friendly by nature. Sean is no doubt the best of the best, but Sean’s personality is the king of kings.  He is open, honest, sincere, and incredibly observant.  If you are looking for a tattoo and you’re scanning through the numerous crappy local tattoo artist websites out there, I hope this (non-crappy!) one stops you.  Set up a consultation and meet Sean.  You have nothing to lose, and a beautiful piece of art and a new friend to gain.  Best wishes to Sean and everyone at Arrows and Embers, and thank you for everything!”

~Jennifer Mowry


“I arrived in the United States from Australia for a writing workshop and decided to get my first tattoo to commemorate selling my first novel.  A colleague recommended Arrows & Embers.  After making my appointment and going through the details over email with Sean’s professional staff, I nervously approached the shop (being a newbie and all).  Once I stepped inside and saw the peaceful and beautifully appointed surroundings, I felt calmer.  Sean showed me the design he’d prepared and talked me through the process.  The pain was minimal (and I’m pathetic as far as pain threshold goes) and Sean was patient and extremely professional.  I really enjoyed the experience and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for an original piece of body art.  Everyone who has seen the tattoo thinks it’s whimsical and stunning.   I’d like to thank Sean for making it such a wonderful, memorable experience.”

~Dy Loveday


“Early this year, I started searching the greater Concord area for different custom tattoo shops as I was in the process of getting my first tattoo.  I visited over a dozen different shops during that time, and Arrows and Embers was far and away the best shop I found.  I was treated with tons of care and respect during all phases of the tattoo process.  Plenty of effort was taken to ensure I was educated properly on things like: what to expect, how to come prepared, and how to ensure a issue free healing process.  Sean went to great lengths to get to know me as a person, and to help me express my story in a way I couldn’t do alone.  I plan to continue my relationship with Arrows in Embers in the future and as the premiere custom tattooing shop in Concord.  I would recommend it to anyone.”

~Nate Lambert


“Sean is an amazing artist and a class act.  His shop is clean and professional and he really put me at ease while I was getting my first tattoo.  Since getting my tattoo, I’ve sent countless people to him for their tattoos.  Go see him!  You will not be sorry! He’s SO SO good!!”

~Katie Tremblay


“All that needs to be said is Sean is amazing!  Meet him, see his work and you will know.  My tattoo by him is 5 years old and I still love it and it looks great!!  You will be captivated by Sean’s personality and you can see his passion for detail and attention to every aspect.  His work is amazing and like no other!!”

~Carmen B.


“Sean is a superb artist. He did my 9th tattoo which was a cover up. He is very professional and easy to work with. He will be my first repeat artist when I get my 10th tattoo. I highly recommend him for quality, talent, and price. A+ all the way.”

~John M.


“I have had many tattooing experiences, and Arrows and Embers is by far the best shop I have ever encountered.   It is very clean, and everyone there is friendly and willing to explain the tattooing process to new folks.  On top of that, Sean is an artist in the truest sense of the word.  He will work with you to create a design that you will treasure your whole life, and do so with respect, passion, and an awe-inspiring amount of talent.  I have been referring people to him for years, and never once has he delivered a tattoo that was anything but brilliant.  I have gotten other tattoos since first working with Sean, but I will always return here.”

~Dede Crimmins


“I’d highly recommend Arrows & Embers to anyone that’s looking for a tattoo that’s going to turn heads.  I had a a great experience with Sean.  He went above and beyond what I expected. I’ll proudly wear this new tattoo.”

~Douglas Pariseau