Your tattoo artist is almost as important as your tattoo itself. Once you have decided you want a tattoo, always research your artist first! Look at their work thoroughly, talk to them in person at the studio; ask as many questions as you need. Be sure you are very comfortable with this person, as you will be in very close quarters with them when the time comes and you are ready for your tattoo.

Thank you so much for visiting my site! Creativity in art and focusing deeply on the emotion of every piece has always come naturally to me. I started tattooing at 18 years old and have never stopped. I love every piece that is brought to me to tattoo, but my absolute favorite things to tattoo are tattoos that tell a story – something that has serious personal meaning, but can be interpreted in different ways by all who view it. Check out the links below to see my work.


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My book is currently closed due to the high volume of projects I already have lined up.
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